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Josh Braen is the general manager of Braen Supply. He manages both the inside and outside sales staff and oversees all day-to-day operations.

5 Techo-Bloc Pavers for Landscaping Around a Deck or Patio

You absolutely love the look of your home's backyard patio or deck, but something is still missing. You can't quite put your finger on it, but you feel like your property lacks that "je ne sais quoi" that would really take it to the next level. If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. Many NJ [...]

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10 Things Experts Are Saying About the Techo-Bloc Mini Creta Collection

Have you heard of the Techo-Bloc Mini Creta collection? As one of Techo-Bloc’s most popular hardscaping collections, the Mini Creta line has created a lot of buzz in recent years. Homeowners and industry experts alike are excited about the possibilities presented by this unique and gorgeous group of high quality, manufactured concrete products. Like all [...]

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4 Super Cozy Techo-Bloc Fire Pit Ideas

It’s a peaceful, gorgeous summer evening in NJ. You and your loved ones have been spending time outdoors, barbecuing, swimming and enjoying one another’s company. It’s been a perfect day, but now the sun is setting, and the temperature is starting to cool off. Who says that you have to go inside, though? A growing [...]

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4 Budget-Friendly Designs For Your Outdoor Patio Fireplace

Are you planning on giving your outdoor living space a bit of a facelift this season? While you absolutely love spending time with your loved ones out on the patio, you may feel like there’s something missing. For many NJ homeowners, the introduction of an outdoor fireplace to their patio living spaces is the perfect [...]

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Mini Creta by Techo-Bloc: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

You've been itching to give your hardscape a makeover. You've been shopping online for the perfect materials. You've discovered the one-of-a-kind aged yet chic look of Mini Creta Techo-Bloc wall "stones." Still, despite loving the appearance of these incredible blocks, you're eager to learn more about the materials prior to purchase. Well, you've come to [...]

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7 Jaw Dropping Outdoor Living Space Plans You’re Missing Out On

Are you happy with your outdoor living space? Homeowners with a small, rundown brick patio or those with no space to entertain at all are probably less than thrilled with their current setup. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to start thinking about creating a space that will add to your own quality of life while [...]

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3 Alternative Uses for Techo-Bloc Retaining Walls

Techo-Bloc is known far and wide for its beautifully crafted, durable and affordable landscaping and hardscaping materials. It makes sense, then, that so many NJ homeowners turn to Techo-Bloc when their landscapes are in need of retaining walls. When installed correctly, these incredibly versatile wall blocks are able to withstand lateral pressure from the soil [...]

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Working With Techo-Bloc Distributors in NJ

If you’ve fallen in love with the look of Techo-Bloc products, join the club. The manufactured concrete materials have exploded in the hardscaping industry and have gained a great deal of attention and popularity throughout NJ and the northeast. Not only do the materials look and feel just like natural stone, but they’re also highly [...]

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10 Ways Techo-Bloc Slabs Will Make Your Home Stand Out

In the landscaping business, one of the most common complaints that we hear is that homeowners are tired of their landscapes and hardscapes looking exactly like every other property on the block. Fortunately, though, this is a problem that we can solve with ease. As authorized dealers of Techo-Bloc hardscaping products, we’re able to connect [...]

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How to Choose Between NJ’s Different Techo-Bloc Suppliers

Techo-Bloc products are among the most popular hardscaping materials used by NJ homeowners. Techo-Bloc has grown in its popularity throughout the years because it offers incredibly beautiful concrete pavers that look just like natural stone. Each collection of pavers, slabs, steps, caps, wall blocks, edging materials, or outdoor fire features have something truly special to [...]

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