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Bulk Stone, Gravel and Rocks

Stone, Gravel and Rocks: Bulk Delivery & Pickup in NJ & NY

Braen Supply is a leading provider of stone, gravel and rocks in northern NJ and the surrounding areas. With bulk delivery available, we can help you complete the home design of your dreams or provide the pieces you need for your construction job.

3/4" Clean Crushed Stone

Crushed Stone

Crushed stone is viewed by many in the industry as the “go to” stone for use in many construction projects as well as home designs and improvements. It provides excellent drainage opportunities as the base of patios, driveways and highways, as well as a potential landscaping opportunities. Braen Supply has both 3/8″ and 3/4″ clean crushed stone available for pickup and for delivery in NJ, NY, PA and CT.

Pea Gravel 1

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel gets its name because of the pea-sized pebbles it is made up of, and is a popular choice for landscaping projects. Pea gravel can also be referred to as decorative stone or garden gravel. Pea gravel is frequently used in playgrounds, pathways and driveways because of how effectively it fills spaces and the visual appeal it provides. Braen Supply has pea gravel available for pickup and bulk delivery in NJ, NY, CT, and PA.

Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA)

Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA)

Recycled concrete aggregate, also known as RCA, is a popular, cost-effective replacement option for natural stone aggregates. It is extensively processed and screened to ensure that it maintains its strength-bearing abilities as well as its excellent drainage trait. It is commonly used as a base material for building your dream patio, as well as the highways we travel upon on a daily basis.

Quarry Process

Quarry Process

Quarry process, QP, is 3/4″ crushed stone that has been reduced in size and mixed with stone dust. It is sometimes referred to as dense grade aggregate (DGA) and 3/4 blended stone, and they are all one in the same. DGA is a product that binds together to achieve a high level of compaction and strength, and because of these factors it is the perfect mixture for driveways and other highly traveled areas.

Stone Dust

Stone Dust

Stone dust is an extremely fine layer of pulverized stone, that is also known as stone screenings. Stone screenings are extremely useful as a base for leveling under patios, walkways and other pathways. Stone dust is the preferred method because it is extremely easy to grade and operate with, in addition to the fact that you can begin laying stone or pavers on it immediately after compacting. Braen Supply has stone dust available for pickup and for delivery in NJ, NY, CT and PA.

3/4" River Rock

River Rocks

River rocks come in a variety of different colors and are ideal for landscape design projects. After years of rushing water that has smoothed and shaped them, river rocks can add new beauty to any landscape. Some of the most popular landscaping features that include the use of river rocks are mosaics, water features, dry riverbeds and as a mulch replacement. Braen Supply has 3/8″, 3/4″ 1-3″ or 3-5″ river rocks for both bulk delivery and pickup.

3/4" Red Rock

Red Rocks

Red rocks have become increasingly popular due to their texture, color and the design details they add to a landscape. Red rocks provide erosion control and water conservation opportunities for all types of projects. Braen Supply has red rocks for bulk delivery and pickup at great prices.

3/4" White Marble Chips

3/4″ White Marble Chips

White marble chips can help change many aspects of your home and landscape. It can help you add a sparkling shine to your yard as a decorative stone for your driveways, walkways and even for other parts of your landscape. It is an extremely effective method of erosion and weed control, all while providing a simple, clean and luxurious look to your landscape. Braen Supply has 3/4″ white marble chips available for pickup and bulk delivery in NJ, NY, PA and CT.

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Determining How Much Material You Need

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*The totals calculated above are for estimates only. There are many different factors that can impact the exact quantities you may need for your job. We encourage you to work with a Braen Supply team member for more exact product estimates.

Landscape Materials Calculator

Don’t know how much product you need? Run a quick calculation with our materials calculator.

  • Simply enter the width, length and depth that you need and hit “calculate.”
  • For all landscaping projects we recommend a minimum depth of 2-3 inches of material.

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Bulk Stone, Gravel and Rocks Bulk Delivery in NJ, NY, PA & CT

Stone, Gravel and Rocks for Sale in NJ & NYStone, gravel and rocks are available for bulk delivery to homeowners, cities, contractors, townships, schools, religious establishments and universities. Our drivers are experienced and will do their best to accommodate your delivery requests.

Headquartered in northern New Jersey, our core delivery area for stone, gravel and rocks is Bergen County, Passaic County, Morris County, Essex County and Sussex County.

Depending on the quantity, we deliver stone, gravel and rocks to all of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York.

Our core delivery area for stone, gravel and rocks in New York includes NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Harlem, The Bronx, and Long Island.

Bulk Stone, Gravel and Rock Pickup

Bulk stone, gravel and rocks are available for pickup by contractors, homeowners, etc. at the following locations in New Jersey:

Wanaque – Retail & Wholesale

Phone: (973) 835-1419
1434 Ringwood Ave. Wanaque, NJ
Monday – Friday: 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday: 7 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Sunday: Closed

Haledon – Wholesale

Phone: (973) 720-6414
400-402 Central Ave. Haledon, NJ
Monday – Friday: 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Special Considerations

Please call for special requests or before/after hours pickup or delivery services. We always do our best to accommodate our clients.